Possible Side Effects After Getting Lasik Eye Surgery in Malaysia

Let’s Get to Understand the Surgery First

In the past, blurry vision is made right by bending glasses and contact lenses light rays. But reshaping the cornea of your eye will also provide necessary refraction and vision correction. That is why the best eye specialist in Malaysia remains one of the most popular choices among the public.

Laser eye surgery is more suitable for people with a moderate level of refractive error and without significant visual issues. Thus, if you are planning to get eye surgery, it is essential to communicate with experts such as eye surgeon and eye specialist in KL.

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First of all, if you have a severe sight issue and diagnosed with high refractive error. The risk of performing Lasik eye surgery in Malaysia is not on par with the benefits.

Furthermore, for those who have a moderate vision, you shouldn’t get the surgery as well. Because if you can see well without glasses or contacts, you shouldn’t be wasting your money for minimal improvement.

Last but not least, for those who are actively participating in sports such as contact sports. Eye specialist in KL should reconsider the constant impact on the eyes, and the face will cause significant issues.

What You May Experience in A Short While After the Surgery

While the loss of visions as a result of performing eye surgery is sporadic nowadays, there will undoubtedly be side effects. Using eyedrops are recommended by eye specialist and doctors.

For example, the most popular side effect of best eye specialist in Malaysia will be dry eyes and temporary visual disturbances. Worry not like this kind of side effects will be gone after a few weeks or months.

What are dry eyes? It is one of the temporary side effects that happened after eye surgery. Dry eyes cause a momentary drop in tear production.

Hence, for the first six months after the surgery, the patient will feel eyes are baked in the process of healing. Take note that even after healing, dry eyes may still persist.

Given the situation that patient experience dries severe eye issues, there is an option to get special plugs in tear ducts to prevent the tears.

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Side Effects Perceived After the Surgery

Flap problems are also one of the common side effects of the ophthalmologist in Kuala Lumpur. After all, it may cause your eyes to grow abnormally underneath the flap during the healing process. The next side effects will be under corrections. You may feel disturbed by the namely term.

If ophthalmologist in Kuala Lumpur removes too little tissue from the patient eye, he might not get the clearer vision that he is expecting to. Thus, under corrections are one of the typical side effects for the patient with nearsighted.

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The situation may come to facing under correction issues, a patient may need to perform another refractive surgery within a year to ensure enough tissues are removed. On the other hand, there are overcorrections. Where too many fabrics from the eye are removed during the surgery. Overcorrections is one of the more severe side effects to be resolved.

The Verdict of Getting the Surgery

After undergoing the Lasik surgery, you will experience a significant reduction in need of glasses. Which in some cases, the patient doesn’t need to wear glasses at all. Do take note that it may still take a few weeks to adjust your vision.

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